If you have come here from Hitchwiki or some other hitchhiking information source then you are probably a hitchhiker yourself.

Below I have collected all my posts on hitchhiking in certain areas of the world. These are not all the places I have hitchhiked but merely the ones I posted about and I think also see a lot of hitchhiker traffic.

Each post contains information on leaving cities too which can be difficult and time consuming. Under some countries I also posted a few tips, these don’t provide any information on the routes but just some general tips for the country.

These posts are not my stories by the way but more guidelines for other people planning these routes. My stories from the road about the towns and people I meet can be found here.

The general tips apply to many different places, happy thumbing folks!



What to Bring Hitchhiking. What can be found in my backpack on the road.

11 Tips for Backpacking Eastern Europe My preferred side of Europe for hitchhikng can be yours too.

Why Hitchhike? A few words on why I hitchhike.

15 Tips to Save Money Backpacking Europe Just a few pointers.



Hitchhiking from Romania to Germany Includes my hitchhiking from Budapest into Austria in the direction of Vienna.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tips for hitchhiking Bosnia Possibly the easy country to hitchhike.

Hitchhiking from Sarajevo to Belgrade One of my best ever days hitchhiking from the Bosnian capital to the Serbian capital.

Hitchhiking from Mostar to Sarajevo The two principal backpacker destinations in Bosnia. An easy trip to make.



Hitchhiking in Bulgaria Tips Some tips for hitchhiking Bulgaria, not a bad country but can be slow. I haven’t yet visited Sofia but have crossed Bulgaria from Romania to Turkey and back.

Hitchhiking from Bulgaria to Romania Beginning in Veliko Tarnovo and finishing at the Hungary border.

Hitchhiking from Turkey to Bulgaria Beginning in Istanbul and finally finishing in Veliko Tarnovo. Took me a few days due to some difficulties along the way.



Hitchhiking from Medellin to Cali Took me two days but I made it.

Hitchhiking from Cali to Ipiales What a beautiful journey into the mounatins towards Ecuador



Hitchhiking in Croatia Tips A good country for hitchhiking. Lovely Coast.

Hitchhiking from Slovenia to Croatia From the Slovenia capital of Ljubjana to the Croatia capital of Zagreb.

Hitchhiking from Zagreb to Split Getting to the coast and beaches.



Hitchhiking from Batumi to Turkey From Georgia to Trabzon Turkey.



Hitchhiking from Romania to Germany Came through Austria and finished near Munich.



Hitchhiking in Hungary Tips A very easy country to hitchhike and Budapest is stunning!

Hitchhiking from Romania to Germany Includes hitchhiking from the Romania border to Budapest and then towards Vienna, same hitchhiking spot for Bratislava as Vienna.

Hitchhiking from Budapest to Ljubjana From the Hungarian capital to the Slovenian capital via lake Balaton.

Hitchhiking from Bratislava to Budapest From the Slovakian capital to the Hungarian capital.

Hitchhiking from Budapest to Romania Starting in Budapest and crossing the Romania border at Oradea.



Hitchhiking from Chicinau to Tiraspol From the capital of Chisinau to Tiraspol (Transnistria) and onwards to Ukraine.



Hitchhiking in Poland Tips An average country for hitchhiking in my opinion, getting out of large cities is difficult.

Hitchhiking from Wroclaw to Bratislava Starting in Wroclaw and arriving in Slovakia’s capital.

Hitchhiking from Poznan to Wroclaw Had some diffculty leaving Poznan.

Hitchhiking from Ukraine to Krakw Starting in Lviv though the hitchhiking didn’t begin until I crossd the Poland border.



Hitchhiking in Romania Tips Possibly my favourite country for hitchhiking. Very easily done.

Hitchhiking from Romania to Germany From Arad near Hungary to Memmingen near Munich.

Hitchhiking from Brasov to Iasi An exciting trip towards Moldova.

Hitchhiking from Bulgaria to Hungary This trip me across Romania with the truckers.

Hitchhiking in Transylvania Tips The Middle Earth of Europe, so beautiful.

Hitchhiking from Brasov to the Piatra Craiului National Park Don’t miss the park if you are in Transylvania. I loved hiking the mountains.



Hitchhiking in Serbia Tips Like all the Balkan countries, easy and beautiful to hiitchhike.

Hitchhiking from Sarajevo to Belgrade From the Bosnian capital to the Serbian capital.



Hitchhiking from Wroclaw to Bratislava From Poland down to the Slovakian Capital.

Hitchhiking from Bratislava to Budapest An easy enough journey to do in a day.



Hitchhiking in Slovenia Tips  A small country, easy to hitchhike.

Hitchhiking from Ljubljana to Zagreb Leaving Slovenia for Croatia.

Hitchhiking from Budapest to Ljubljana Coming down from Hungary, an easy ebough trip by lake Balaton.



Hitchhiking from Chicinau to Tiraspol From the capital of Chisinau to Tiraspol (Transnistria) and onwards to Ukraine.



Hitchhiking in Turkey Tips A nice country for hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking from Turkey to Bulgaria Beginning in Istanbul and finally finishing in Veliko Tarnovo. Took me a few days due to some difficulties along the way.

Hitchhiking out of Istanbul to Edirne Istanbul prooved hard to get out of.

Hitchhiking from Batumi to Turkey From Georgia to Trabzon Turkey.



Is Craigslist Rideshare Safe? A useful tool for hitchhiking the US especially in the states were it’s illegal.

Hitchhiking from Chicago to New Orleans It’s possible in the US to hitchhike, don’t let anyone tell you any different. This journey even involved me boating the Mississippi though not for long.


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