Scoring a Craigslist Labor Gig

Scoring a Craigslist Labor Gig

I try to live a life of minimal expense on the road. Never paying for transport or accommodation and sometimes not even my food, yet we still need cash to support ourselves now and then. Unless you want to beg on the street that is, but most of us don’t and if you are willing to work in a country where you speak the native language then you can find cash on the road.

I’m in the US right now, a country which fits the cash on the road criteria;

  • Speak the same language
  • Living costs and wages are high
  • The people are generally lazy

So I hit up craigslist to find some cash-in-hand while in Chicago. If you check out the gigs section you will find lots of once of cash in hand jobs.

I generally search the laboring ones but there’s also catering, driving, “stand around nude if your a hot girl” gigs etc. if that’s more up your street.

Be wary of scams, a real advert will seem genuine and list the general area of town plus the hourly wage, not something like “Make Cash $$$ 5 Easy Steps”



In this example the advert “Tired of not find jobs” second from bottom is clearly a scam (no info, no address) but the rest look genuine.

Whatever job you find to be suitable, in a good location and at a good time with good rates then be sure to shoot a reply.

The employer probably has lots of enquirers so make yours stand out and write a descriptive lengthy reply.

So tell him/her about yourself, your height and build, list experience and attach a photo of you working. Be punctual.

Let him/her know you can be at the address on time and that you are drink/drug free and have never stood in front of a judge.

The employer will never really care if you have a working visa or not since these jobs are usually cash in hand at the end of the day, just have a working mobile phone with a local sim-card.

I made $250 in one and a half days work for helping to empty truck loads of furniture, it was easy money and your lunch is usually bought too.

I worked the amount of hours described over the phone and was given cash straight away after, that was that.

Chopping Wood in Transylvania, Workaway Experiences

Workaway Experiences

I got free board and food in Transylvania in exchange for five hours of work each day.

I landed this gig through Workawayinfo. Simply sending a message to my host Andras wondering if he had any vacancies for a labourer.

I was happy to stay there for a month, one of my positive workaway experiences, because I was deep inside the Piatra Craiului National Park but still not far from Zarnesti. On the weekend I would go hiking up the mountains which surrounded the location.

The work involved cutting up fallen trees with a chainsaw, maintaining the chainsaw, chopping the wood and staking it for the winter. Straight forward labour but hands-on so I was kept happy tipping away for five hours in the morning in the good Romanian weather. I was never expecting to do more than the five hours.

The food was fantastic, the house itself was a B&B so all meals were well prepared (three a day). Usually Romanian or Hungarian food, Goulash Soup being my favourite and sometimes a shot of Palinka after.

There were two other guys working here too, one painter and another labourer so I was never too bored. There was only internet though for maybe two hours in the evenings when the electricity generator was switched on. Showers had to be taken during this time too.

As with most Workaway hosts you have to be prepared to work unsupervised, if you are then the host will develop trust in you. A bad attitude will land you in an awkward situation fast. One other Workaway volunteer was more or less asked to leave, being unimpressed with his task of scything in the garden.

I can understand why he didn’t want to Scythe for the next few hours when he wasn’t being paid.¬†Workaway in Romania and other Eastern European countries isn’t a chance to relax though because your host at the end of the day could hire a local professional labourer for the cost of feeding you each day.

Once you do five hours and are social when around the host’s family then you should be fine to stay for a couple months. The ability to go without electricity was needed here too, I could hike during the day and read a book in the evenings, so I was happy.

Have any Workaway related questions then just leave a comment below.