Hitchhiking from Wroclaw to Bratislava

Hitchhiking from Wroclaw to Bratislava

It took a long day hitchhiking from Wroclaw to Bratislava, Hitchhiking in Poland proving again to be tricky for me.

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To get out of Wroclaw I walked to the Auchan shopping center. A bus can be got if you want I would recommend it. I had a long walk.

From the shopping center keep following the road on the left hand side to get yourself onto the far side of the motorway at the Orlen Petrol Station (you can’t cross the motorway at the petrol station).

Overall Rating : Good

Waiting Time : 25 mins

I managed to get a lift towards Krakow off a Polish guy and he left me off at a bad spot along the motorway between Katowice and Krakow where there was a bus stop, the exact location of I can’t remember but I got lucky in the end.

I stood against all odds with a Bratislava sign and the first Slovakian registration car to pass by stopped for me. It was a group of three guys coming from a rally in Poland who lived in Bratislava.

Before: Hitchhiking from Poznan to Wroclaw

After: Hitchhiking from Bratislava to Oradea via Budapest

Hitchhiking from Bratislava to Budapest

Hitchhiking from Bratislava to Budapest

Getting out of Bratislava is probably the only slightly difficult part of hitchhiking from Bratislava to Budapest.

hitchhiking bratislava

The method I choose was to use Google maps and Hitchwiki to locate a petrol station on the edge of the city and get there in the early morning. By using bus 93 or 95 from the city centre, I got 93 (without paying) and jumped out at the last stop called Vyšehradská.

Keep walking south and cross the big road Panonská Cesthitchhike slovakiatowards the fields and away from the city. Then cross the immediate field towards the motorway as shown in the second map. Follow the black line and you will find a hole in the fence by the motorway and a manky pair of old shoes, a bit further south is a bridge to cross the motorway.

The very first car I approached at the station had a Hungarian registration so the odds were stacked in my favour. It turned out to be a Hungarian couple both fluent in English. They were expecting a child soon  and had been visiting a Doctor in Austria. They were happy to drop me off at a petrol station near Gyor. Once I explained my situation hitchhiking from Bratislava to Budapest, even though they seemed a bit nervous at first. A little bit of conversation and flaunting my basic Hungarian phrases did the trick though.

Overall Rating : Great spot but not so easy to get to. The best for heading South East to Hungary.

Waiting Time : 5 minutes (Hungary)

I got dropped off at the last petrol station before Gyor on the M1. I ended up here again a few months later again hitchhiking from Budapest to Vienna.

You can expect to meet other hitch-hikers here from Germany and Poland as its the last station for quite a while. It is a good spot but not very busy, have a  little patience and a direct lift to Budapest is very likely. I caught one with a Hungarian business man and girlfriend.

Overall Rating : OK spot, the truckers are usually sleeping here since its close to the Austria and Slovakian borders. Approaching is necessary.hitchhike gyor budapest

Waiting Time : 30 minutes (Budapest)

I didn’t however take the lift all the way to Budapest. I decided to jump out at the last petrol station before the city’s suburbs on the motorway.

I was hoping for a lift directly to Romania instead of just hitchhiking from Bratislava to Budapest in one day. I had seen some Romanian registration cars on the motorway. My attempts were futile though. Two Romanian registration cars pulled in, one was a man who wouldn’t take any hitchhikers and the second guy was very friendly. A young guy who had made his money working in construction in London driving a nice BMW. However he was driving his family home to Romania so had no space.

In the end I took a lift to Budapest instead of waiting around any longer. Getting a lift to Budapest was simple, a young Dutch couple took me, they were driving to Budapest for the Sziget Festival.

Overall Rating : Good for getting to Budapest centre, bad for travelling beyond Budapest, especially on a Sunday (no truckers).

Waiting Time : 2 hours and fail (Romania), 15 mins (Budapest).

Before : Hitchiking from Wroclaw to Bratislava

After : Hitchhiking from Budapest to Romania

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