Hitchhiking in Slovenia Tips

Hitchhiking in Slovenia Tips

Capital : Ljubljana 

Population : Around 2 Million

Languages : Slovenian (Similar to other Baltic Languages)

 English (Many People in Ljubljana, Especially Students)

Difficulty : Small Country that’s easy to Hitchhike, people are friendly.

Money : Euro, cheaper than Western Europe but nowhere near as cheap as other former Yugoslavian states like Serbia.

Hitchhiking in Slovenia isn’t difficult. Slovenia is a small EU country home to around 2 million people and a language of around 2.5 million native speakers.

Not many people can find it on a map if we are honest. The Slovenian people are very proud of their culture however and Ljubljana is a real charming and welcoming town.

It is often confused with Slovakia. The story goes that once the Slovenians and Slovakians were one people however they became divided and since then their languages have separated.

The first country to gain independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, it can be considered the most modern of the former Yugoslavian nations due to its strong connections with Western Countries. Don’t expect to be collected when hitchhiking here in a gypsy kart or old Lada.

To get off on the right foot with Slovenians its advisable to compliment the beauty of Slovenia’s countryside and hills. Ask questions about France Preseren a Slovenian poet to get the conversation flowing. I found Slovenians very welcoming, they will invite you for a drink later or they might offer to share some weed.

Besides the picturesque city of Ljubljana with it’s decent night-life, Slovenia boasts a coastline, caves and mountain hiking for a backpacker to enjoy hitchhiking in Slovenia.

Hitchhiking out of Ljubjana to Zagreb.

hitchhike slovenia

The route I took when hitchhiking through Slovenia.

Hitchhiking from Ljubljana to Zagreb

Hitchhiking from Ljubljana to Zagreb

I hitchhiked this route in the summer of 2013. Although hitchhiking from Ljubljana to Zagreb is easy enough I would hitchihike ljubljana zagrebrecommend starting in the morning. Getting out of Ljubljana in the direction of Zagreb can be tricky like any city.

To hitchhike out of Ljubljana and Slovenia I took the bus 1 or 1B is good in the direction Mestni Log from the city center. Get off at the second last stop called Koprska.

Continue straight along the road (don’t follow the bus which turns) after 2 minutes you will cross a bridge over a small river. Continue straight and cross the motorway over the bridge, and on the left side the petrol station is about 500 m away.

There is a golf course between you and the service area, which you can cross by climbing its hitchhike ljubljanafences (or other means) if the personal see you then just talk your way out of the situation. Tell them you are hitchhiking from Ljublana to Zagreb and are just heading to the petrol station.

You are just walking across after all and it shouldn’t be a problem. Say “autostop” for hitchhiking if your not understood. Try and stay unseen though to avoid issues.

Overall Rating : Good, in fact the best spot for Zagreb.

Waiting Time : 30 Mins (Zagreb direction)

I got speaking to a pair of Slovenian guys in their late twenties at a picnic table by this petrol station. They agreed to take me further along the motorway and even rolled up a nice joint on the road to smoke.

They dropped me off at one of the petrol stations along the motorway to Zagreb, because I was high I can’t really remember where. I do remember however getting my next lift easily enough. Once you are on the motorway to Zagreb it’s safe to assume most traffic and especially trucks are driving there.

I caught a lift with a Croatian truck driver to Zagreb, he agreed to take me to the border but we had such a great chat about the history of Yugoslavia that I didn’t mind waiting at the border 2 hours while hitchhiking from Ljubljana to Zagreb. Once his paperwork was done he continued to Zagreb.

I remember him emotionally recalling his days as a soldier in the Yugoslav army, he spoke highly of Tito. When the war broke out however he fought on the Croatian side against his former Comrades. This really struck me as an amazing story, he fought because he loves Croatia but he never wanted Croatia to leave Communism.

Hitchhiking can introduce you to people who have lived through history that we learnt biased opinions on in school.

He dropped me off within walking distance of Zagreb center.

Before : Hitchhiking Budapest to Ljubljana

After : Hitchhiking Zagreb to Split

Hitchhiking in Slovenia Tips

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Hitchhiking from Budapest to Ljubljana

Hitchhiking from Budapest to Ljubljana.

Hitch-hike budapest to slovenia

Hitchhiking in Hungary is not very difficult and I began hitchhiking from Budapest to Ljubljana at a petrolhitchhiking budapest station in the capital of Budapest. It’s an OMV station located beside a Mc’Donalds so it see’s plenty of traffic. Not just local traffic but also Vienna, Lake Balaton, Croatia and Slovenia. I actually used it again on a separate occasion to go in the Vienna direction.

To get there take a bus (8 I believe) from Astoria in Pest (in the city center, tickets can be bought from the ticket dispenser machines for about one euro) and get off at Sasadi ut. Keep walking in the direction of the bus for a minute or two to get to the station. Located on the map by the red marker at Garibaldi Utca.

I never encountered any issues from the petrol station staff the two times I used this spot (although I have heard they can be less than friendly to hitch-hikers).

The best idea is to stand at the exit onto the main road so as to catch the driving traffic aswell as the Mcdonalds and petrol station traffic. You can expect to not be the only one hitch-hiking here so to get an upper hand try asking any of the people in the car park where they are heading. A smile and a sign will give you an advantage especially when there is various traffic here.

When I was hitchhiking to Slovenia I stood at the exit (alone) with a small sign saying M7, this was my first time hitchhiking so it took just over an hour (I was shy and never approached people walking around the car park).

Twice I got asked questions questions by local traffic in Hungarian, I guess I can be mistaken for a local easily enough. Eventually a man around forty years of age stopped in a SUV, no English but he took me past Lake Balaton.

A friendly Hungarian who had long hair suggesting he was once a bit of a hippy. Any people heading for Croatia or Slovenia should take any lifts that bring them along the M7 further and ask to be let off at petrol stations (say Benzien). This provides a better chance of catching truck drivers etc. once outside of Budapest’s suburbs.

Overall Rating : Good, Sign Recommended and also approaching

Waiting Time :  1 hour (Balaton)

My next spot on the way to Ljubljana was a petrol station the Hungarian man dropped me off at as he was leaving the motorway. I only waited maybe 10 minutes here because I ran around quickly asking every person where they were going.

One Polish van driver offered me a lift to Ljubijana when he realised I was hitchhiking from Budapest to Ljubljana. He was a skinhead who listened to Polish rap music for the whole journey. Unfortunately he got a call to take a nap and wait for orders the following morning so I ended up at another petrol station (the second red marker) and the last before the Slovenia border I was told (don’t quote me).

I found a lift to Ljubljana quickly enough when a Romanian guy I smoked a cigarette with went and convinced a group of Moldovans driving a van to Italy to take me. They agreed and dropped me off on the outskirts of Ljubijana. They spoke Russian the whole way and generally didn’t talk to me (language barrier) but seemed like decent guys even if they looked dodgy. Don’t know if this route would of been as good for going directly to Croatia as most traffic seemed to be Slovenia bound. Slovenia has no border control with Hungary.

hitch hike balaton

  Overall Rating : Good in both instances but the ability to approach strangers is necessary since the hitch-hiking is done at petrol stations and not on the motorway. A second language would be useful, Italian especially since Slovenia is on the road from Eastern Europe to Italy for travelling workers. A lot of the traffic might not speak Hungarian.

Waiting Time : Under a half-hour in both instances

After : Ljubljana to Zagreb

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