Hitchhiking in Bulgaria Tips

Hitchhiking in Bulgaria Tips

Capital : Sophia

Population : Around 7 Million

Languages : Bulgarian

 English (Younger people in the cities)

Difficulty : Good for Hitchhiking.

Money : Lev (It’s Cheap, Cheapest in EU maybe)

Hitchhiking in Bulgaria is not hard but can be slow. At times I had long waiting times because of the lack of traffic and only travelled short distances due to the bad roads.

Travelling from East to West and back is faster then North to South and back because of the one motorway. Don’t be deterred from travelling this way though, I went from Turkey up to Veliko-Tarnovo in the North near Romania. It took two days but I meet some great locals travelling South to North.

In Bulgaria I hitchhiked with Gypsies for the first time and had no issues, (I wasn’t robbed like most people said). The countryside is mostly safe even if many villages look extremely run down and lawless.

Most of the men who will offer lifts used to hitchhike themselves back in the days of Communsim. Quite often they speak highly of Communism and the “old days”. They often complain about the modern politicians and Turks, especially the Turkish truck drivers.

If you are going to Turkey then try catch a truck, most will be going to Istanbul and like the cars can be flagged down simply with your thumb on any road.

Camping in Bulgaria is easy in the countryside seen as there are miles of open fields between the villages.

One thought on “Hitchhiking in Bulgaria Tips

  1. Agness of aTukTuk April 2, 2017 / 9:24 pm

    Bulgaria is a great destination for a budget travel! It is cheap and affordable!


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